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Our oceans and rivers face a massive and growing threat from something humans use everyday: PLASTICS.

An estimated 18 billion pounds of plastic leaks into the marine and the surrounding environment from land-based sources every year—this is roughly equivalent to dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into the oceans and river ways every minute.


At Nekkies we are taking the problem and turning it into a solution, one neck gaiter at a time. Our mission is to produce vibrant colored, high quality custom products that our customers not only look fantastic in but feel fantastic in. Whilst leaving no damage to our environment in the process. 

Our finished fabrics are developed for leisure as well as tough, demanding and competitive sports environments and are used by amateurs and professionals alike around the World. Brands, Universities, Schools, Sports bodies & Associations that select and use our products are all united in having the best products available in the market to while having a positive and sustainable effect on our environment.

Our focus is to aid in the cleaning of our Oceans by working with like-minded partners and organisations and to work in the reduction in the amount of used consumer plastics getting into our waterways, lakes, and rivers and reaching our seas. Using recovery processes that ensure responsible collection and much lower energy consumption and a reduced carbon footprint compared with producing new or virgin fabrics, our objective is to create quality products that work at the heart of the growing plastic waste problem and are kind to our planet.

With the global pandemic and the abundant mass of single use PPE products being disposed of. Support local, support sustainable and help protect NEKKIES on our global quest of cleaning up this mess!


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Tropical Beach
Tropical Beach


*Reduce Your Use of Single-Use Plastics
*Avoid Products Containing Micro beads
*Buy in bulk
*Learn to say NO to straws
*Reuse glass containers
*Skip the frozen foods section
*Bring your own container
*Recycle Properly
*Support Organizations Addressing Plastic Pollution
*Support a bag tax or ban